Box collections 2015

Three box collections were held this year at Squires Garden Centre, Twickenham, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. The collections were organised by Sue Lindenberg and Carys Williams, ably assisted by the League’s volunteers.

Squires (Sixth Cross Road, Twickenham)
Saturday 2nd May, Sunday 3rd May and Monday 4th May

Sainsbury’s (St Clares, Hampton)
Friday, 2nd October

Tesco (Broad Street, Teddington)
Friday, 9th October and Saturday, 10th October

Funds Raised
Box collections play a very important part of the League’s fund-raising activities. This year’s results are pleasing with £1252 raised at Squires, £629 at Sainsbury’s and £1,431 at Tesco.