Who are the Trustees?

The Trustees manage the organisation and give their time and services for the good of the cause, enabling all project donations and legacies to be applied to improve the hospital’s facilities.

Reverend Simon Douglas Lane – Chairman

Trustee Rev Simon Douglas Lane The Friends of Teddington Memorial

Louise Robertson – Human Resources

Trustees Website Louise Robertson The Friends of Teddington Memorial

Ed Marsh – Membership

Trustees Website Ed Marsh The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital

Andrew Roberts – Marketing

Trustees Website Andrew Roberts The Friends of Teddington Memorial

Cecile Delattre – Partnerships

Trustees Website Cecile Delattre The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital

John Warren – Treasurer

Trustees Website John Warren The Friends of Teddington Memorial

Sam Fudge – Projects

Trustees Website Sam Fudge

Trustee Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month via Zoom.

Kathy Stevenson – Administrator –

Pamela Bryant – Life President

Trustees Website Pamela Bryant MBE

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Trustees’ main duties

1. Ensure the League of Friends is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit

Ensure that the League carries out the purposes for which it is set up and no other purpose.

2. Comply with the League of Friends’ governing document and the law

Ensure that the League of Friends complies with its governing document and with charity law requirements.

3. Act in the League of Friends’s best interests

Do what is decided by the Trustees (and no one else) to enable the League best to carry out its purpose.

4. Manage the League of Friends’ resources responsibly

Act responsibly, reasonably and honestly. This is sometimes called the duty of prudence. Prudence is about exercising sound judgement.

5. Act with reasonable care and skill

Use reasonable care and skill, use Trustees’ skills and experience and take appropriate advice when necessary.

6. Ensure the League of Friends is accountable

Comply with statutory accounting and reporting requirements.

To find out more, see the GOV.UK guidance Find out what being a charity trustee involves.

If you would like to become a Trustee for the League of Friends, please contact us via email

at for more information. We would be delighted to hear from you.