Transforming the Day Room with ‘Magic Table’

Away from the bustling corridors of Teddington Memorial Hospital, we want to maintain a tranquil haven, the Day Room, where patients can find comfort and respite.

This haven, our Day Room, should serve as a sanctuary from medical care demands, offering a break and a sense of normalcy to those in need.

We are raising money to help renew and refresh the Day Room, ensuring it remains a place of comfort and support for all who enter, including purchasing a ‘Magic Table’ for dementia patients.

Please support our Day Room refresh project and donate today.

A welcoming atmosphere in the Day Room

Focusing on patient-centred care, the hospital envisions a Day Room beyond mere functionality, embodying warmth, tranquillity, and accessibility.

This vision entails decorative enhancements and thoughtful considerations to accommodate diverse needs and preferences, fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all patients and their loved ones.

‘Magic Table’ for Dementia patients

Guided by a commitment to inclusivity and innovation, the hospital has set out to redefine what a day room could offer, especially for individuals navigating the challenges of dementia. Central to this vision was integrating a cutting-edge technology known as the “magic table,” a dynamic tool designed to spark joy, encourage interaction, and stimulate patient cognitive functions.

With its interactive projections and games, the magic table is more than entertainment. It invites individuals to engage with their surroundings actively, fostering a sense of agency and empowerment. Whether popping virtual balloons, painting vibrant landscapes, or playing collaborative games, the magic table cultivates moments of joy and connection, irrespective of cognitive abilities.

Please donate to the Day Room project

We extend an invitation to our community to support us in helping to create a space where patients and their families find comfort, connection, and joy.

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Image courtesy of BBC.