About us

How we allocate the money received

Our Chairman, Simon Douglas Lane and the Trustees of the League of Friends meet each month to consider the hospital’s needs and decide how to allocate the money to provide items requested or to contribute to major projects for the benefit of patients where appropriate.

Since 2011 (The Health and Social Care Bill 2010/11)  the League has continued to work to ensure that the long-term future of the Hospital as a vibrant and modern part of our local healthcare delivery is not jeopardised by changes currently taking place within the NHS organisation. We greatly appreciate the support of our volunteers and the local population, without which our work would not be possible.

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The League raises funds and uses donations to improve facilities and equipment for the benefit of the patients. Its Constitution ensures that the money received and raised is used solely to benefit the Hospital. The League publishes an annual report and Audited Accounts at each calendar year-end in accordance with the Charity Commissioner’s requirements.

The objective of the League of Friends

The objective of The League of Friends is to create a partnership between Teddington Memorial Hospital, local NHS, local organisations and the local community, raising money to ensure continuous funding for the enhancement to the provision of equipment and services in both a reactive and proactive way.

The main aims of the League are to assist in improving healthcare for the public benefit by educating the public on the needs of patients of Teddington Memorial Hospital (‘the Hospital’), the provision of amenities, buildings and equipment which may be required for the treatment of such patients and to generally support the charitable work of the hospital.

The League continues to build on its profile and reputation, encouraging people to continue with its financial support so that it can undertake further improvements. It is a strong vibrant organisation that encourages membership, support and donations.

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How you can help

There are many ways you can get involved with the League of Friends to help to fund vital projects.

Donate here

One of the easiest ways is to support us is to simply Donate.

Donate at Teddington Memorial Hospital

When you’re visiting the hospital simply tap the contactless donation point to give a £3 donation or drop your coins or notes in the slot.

Every donation, from a handful of change to a substantial legacy, is much appreciated by the LOF, TMH staff and your community.

Become a Member

As a member, you will be kept in touch with the League’s activities and projects undertaken for the further improvement of facilities and equipment at the hospital, and also be invited to attend and vote at AGM and EGM meetings.

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Become a Volunteer

Our volunteers help in the League of Friends shop in the hospital, with fund-raising activities and with raising awareness about the hospital and League at local community events. Volunteers, therefore, play an essential role in enabling the League to maintain its services within the hospital.

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