The League’s AGM

The Chairman, Simon Douglas Lane, welcomed the members in attendance at this year’s AGM and highlighted items in the Annual Report for year ended 31st December 2018 which had been distributed to all members. The Chairman then formally proposed adoption of the Annual Report and this was seconded and carried by all present.

The election of the following new Trustees, each of which had previously been proposed and unanimously agreed by the Trustees, were proposed by Pamela Bryant and seconded by member Celia Marsh and then approved by AGM attendees present. New Trustees are Tony Goodall, Ed Marsh, Louise Robertson and Dion Scherer,

The new Treasurer, Tony Goodall, presented the final set of annual accounts for the League to 31st December 2018, a summary of which is in the Annual Report.

The Chairman noted that Pamela Bryant has stood down as Chairman and will now become Life President of the League.

Mike Jefferies, Carole Andrews, Sue Lindenberg and Richard Chamberlain have also resigned from the Board of Trustees. Louise Robertson, has returned as a Trustee.

Pamela Bryant was presented with a gift in gratitude for over forty years of outstanding leadership and in recognition for the contribution made to the Hospital and its survival at the heart of our community.

Pamela Bryant thanked everyone for their kind words. She said that her time has been well documented on the Timeline in the Hospital corridor and the associated booklet. She said she had been privileged to chair many Trustee meetings through good and bad times and that Teddington Memorial Hospital is much safer now and is being used as it should be.

The meeting then closed at 7.30 pm and was followed by a Reception for the Members.

May we thank all those who attended on the evening and braved the torrential rain. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.