Paediatric Areas Enhancement Project: Let’s Enhance Care for Every Child

The environment in which children and teens receive medical care is pivotal in their overall well-being, comfort, and healing, which is why the Paediatric Areas Enhancement project is so important for Teddington Memorial Hospital.

Well-decorated paediatric areas can significantly enhance the experience of young patients, reduce anxiety, and promote recovery.

  • Children’s waiting area
  • Teen alcove/waiting area
  • Consulting room
  • Theatres Room

Current Condition of Paediatric Areas

Bland and Outdated Aesthetics

The current decor and seating areas need to be more varied and updated, for a more welcoming environment for children, teens, and their families.

Wear and Tear

Over time, wear and tear have made the paediatric areas appear worn out, diminishing their appeal and comfort.

The existing budget constraints have restricted previous updates as funding is focused primarily on medical excellence.

Limited Resources

The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital is committed to supporting patient improvements beyond medical excellence provided as standard by our local NHS.

At the heart of the Paediatric Areas Enhancement project is the requirement to improve the patient experience of our community’s children and young people.

Benefits of the Paediatric Areas Enhancement Project

Enhanced Patient Experience

A vibrant, child-friendly, and teen-appropriate environment can help alleviate stress and anxiety, making hospital visits more comfortable for young patients and their families.

Improved Health Outcomes

Studies suggest a positive environment can positively influence health outcomes by promoting a sense of calm and healing.

Positive Work Environment

A redecorated area and aesthetically pleasing environment can facilitate improved care delivery, benefiting both staff and patients, uplifting the spirits of healthcare professionals, and leading to improved morale, job satisfaction and productivity.

Community Satisfaction

Community Engagement and Reputation

Investing in the paediatric areas demonstrates our community’s commitment to providing top-notch care for our youngest members, fostering increased community support.

Reputation Enhancement

State-of-the-art paediatric areas can enhance the hospital’s reputation, attracting more patients and partnerships.

How You Can Help


Your generous contributions will directly support enhancing the patient experience for our young people within the paediatric areas.


Organise events, campaigns, or workplace giving initiatives to mobilise your network and raise awareness of this valuable project.

Join, Volunteer, Advocate and Engage

Join the Friends and become a member.

Share our mission with your network, raising awareness and rallying support for this crucial initiative.

Volunteer your time and expertise to contribute to patient-centred projects and services.

Why support the Paediatric Areas Enhancement Project

Making enhancements to the paediatric areas of Teddington Memorial Hospital is not merely a cosmetic endeavour but a strategic investment in the health and well-being of our youngest patients.

Creating a welcoming, child-and-teen-friendly environment can positively impact their healthcare experience, improve staff morale, and elevate our hospital’s reputation.

We urge you to support this initiative, ensuring our community’s children receive care in a setting that nurtures healing, comfort, and hope.

Your support can transform the paediatric areas of Teddington Memorial Hospital into a beacon of excellence and compassion in our community hospital.