Help give a Wellbeing Garden to Teddington Memorial Hospital

We are working hard to raise funds to give a wellbeing garden to the hospital to deliver an attractive space for patients, staff, and visitors.

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To help Give a Wellbeing Garden, please

Aid patients’ recovery with a wellbeing garden

Hospital admission or appointment is often stressful for patients who may feel anxious, frightened, or even confused.

Time spent in the fresh air in an attractive hospital garden away from the ward or hospital surroundings can help reduce anxiety and accelerate recovery.

Assist visitor welfare

A loved one’s illness can cause anxiety for families, and visitors often need a break from these worries.

The illness of a loved one takes a physical and emotional toll as anxiety often increases with concerns about the patient’s care.

A visit to a beautiful garden provides a time-out for relatives and helps alleviate the stress of hospital visiting.

Improve staff wellbeing with a revamped garden

Sadly, the NHS loses 348,028 working days due to staff anxiety, stress, and depression in just one month.

Our excellent staff at Teddington Memorial Hospital are no exception when it comes to stress.

The importance of their wellbeing in helping care for our community cannot be exaggerated.

Recent research shows that health staff wish to take time outdoors to take a break or even spend time with patients in non-clinical surroundings.

A vibrant, well-planned, and maintained hospital garden offers a range of health benefits. Staff who have access to a well-maintained hospital garden report feeling more relaxed, calm, refreshed and re-energised and report significantly higher levels of wellbeing.

How you can help: raise funds or donate

To help Give a Wellbeing Garden, please

Benefits of Wellbeing Garden revamp

Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air surrounded by a beautiful garden makes an enormous difference to staff health, patients’ recovery and visitors’ wellbeing.

Staff and patients can take a break in a natural environment, and visitors can spend time outside with patients in less stressful surroundings.

That’s why we are working to improve the garden at Teddington Memorial Hospital. With your generous help, we aim to provide a wellbeing haven for staff, patients, and their families.

We have a hospital garden close to wards and clinics, ideally placed for staff, patients, and visitors to reach.

We plan to achieve a complete garden revamp, which delivers an attractive space for staff, patients, and visitors to take a break or utilise in the course of their work.

This will significantly enhance patient and visitor wellbeing, improve staff mental health and help ensure our community retains our valuable health team.

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