Volunteer of the Month Robert

This month we would like to thank volunteer Robert for giving up his time to help run our hospital shop.

Support for charities

Since retiring from work, Robert found that he had plenty of time that he wanted to dedicate to various charity organisations.

He previously worked for Oxfam and the Richmond Conservation Volunteers and is working at Kingston Hospital as a Welcomer alongside our shop at Teddington Memorial Hospital.

Active in retirement

In his spare time, he likes to keep active. He is a keen cyclist and has just completed the London to Brighton bike ride, which was very challenging.

He has also just taken up Wild Swimming in the Thames with a local group. They do it not far from Teddington Lock, and Robert says it’s quite exhilarating in the early mornings!

Addicted to Bridge!

To keep his brain active, he took up playing Bridge during lockdown and can easily play 2 or 3 times a week; he says he’s addicted to it now!

Become a volunteer

A big thank you to volunteer Robert. If you would like to join our wonderful team of shop volunteers, please send an email to shop@friends-tmh.co.uk.