Become a member and make what we do possible

Become a member and provide vital support to your local community hospital.

Put simply; members make what we do possible.

The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital has a long track record of support. Much of this support derives from its solid membership base of local people.

The membership has been invaluable over the years. You have helped retain Teddington Memorial as an actual local hospital supported by its community.

Fund projects to enhance patients’ lives

The Friends raises funds through membership. These funds help fund projects above the NHS-funded baseline to enhance both facilities and equipment at the hospital for the benefit of patients and staff.

Without the loyalty and support of our members, we would be unable to fund vital projects at the hospital.

Improve healthcare provision in the local community

The money raised through membership is used for the direct benefit of patients, staff and their families at the hospital within the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, assisting in improving the healthcare of the local community it serves.

Help secure the long-term future of the hospital

Community support is vital to ensuring the hospital’s long-term future in turbulent times.

Our members are evidence of this support and action in the hospital’s defence, help provide reliable, sustainable funding for projects in the longer term and contribute to investment in the development of the hospital over NHS funding.

We warmly welcome new members

We currently have approximately 400 members.

This strong membership base

  • has been invaluable in ensuring that the hospital continues as a truly local facility,
  • provides the services appropriate to the community and
  • demonstrates the strength of support for the hospital.

The Friends warmly welcomes new members. Your support is invaluable; however, you are not obliged to undertake activities unless you wish.

As a member, you will be kept in touch with The Friends’ activities and projects undertaken to improve facilities and equipment at the hospital further. You are invited to attend and vote at Annual General Meeting (AGM) with a drinks reception (and any EGM meetings.)

Members make what we do possible.

Join us and support The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital

We are an independent charity that works to benefit hospital patients within the community. Whichever way you prefer to support the Friends, we appreciate your help. You are supporting staff, patients, and our community. Thank you!

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