The Hospital Clock

Hospital clock Teddington Memorial. The Friends of Teddington Memorial HospitalThe Hospital Clock has been a feature of the Teddington Memorial Hospital’s roof since the Hospital was built in 1928, when it was presented to the Hospital by Mr Ernest Parrent (nephew of Mrs May) of Marie Lodge, Oxford Road, Teddington, in memory of the May family who was Nursery (Horticulturists) of Connaught Road, Teddington.

The clock originally stood in Connaught Road halfway between Wellington Road and Kings Road on Nursery ground, and had a bell which was rung each morning to summon nurserymen and others to work. When the clock was subsequently donated to the Hospital, a different mechanism was installed. The clock spire shows the four cardinal points of the compass, and is topped by a weather vane depicting a baby in a cot with a nurse looking on.

The clock would have fallen into disrepair had the League not taken the view that this would be a great loss and mean that a piece of Teddington history was lost forever. As a result, in 2009, the League raised the funds needed to repair and refurbish the clock.

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