We are recruiting a Marketing and Communications Manager

We have big plans for the League now that life is slowly returning to normality and as such we are recruiting a Marketing and Communications Manager as a part time paid position within the Charity. The role will be mostly remote with a requirement to occasionally attend meetings and events in Teddington and the surrounding area.

If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested please email marketing@friends-tmh.co.uk to apply or find out more. The full job description is outlined below:


Title:                           Marketing & Communications Manager

Accountable To:       Andrew Roberts, Louise Robertson, Cécile Delattre (Trustees)

Date:                           March 2022


The role is critical in the communication of the outward facing expression of the League of Friends within the local community based on the vision of ‘To be widely recognised for helping TMH to be highly respected and loved by the local community. The work will focus on the 4 core subject areas identified in the ‘LOF vision, audiences and content’ document of ‘The work of the League’, ‘The Community’, the Hospital’ and ‘Fundraising’ with an objective to drive greater awareness of the League and in turn more supporters, volunteers, and donations.

The purpose of this role is to manage the day-to-day marketing of the League of Friends both online and offline through creating and communicating relevant content to existing and potential followers and supporters of the League through relationship building activities, impressions, and effective and efficient awareness and consideration programs. We want to create an efficient and effective marketing engine to grow relationships ideally leading to support, volunteering or donating.


Tasks and Responsibilities can be broken down into 4 key areas which align to our sales funnel.

  1. Creating awareness of the League of Friends
  2. Driving new volunteers, supporters and donations.
  3. Partnership liaison and communication.
  4. Event management and attendance.


Brand Awareness:

  • Be wholly responsible for creating, placing and assessing all social and digital content in line with the annual plan.
  • Management of the website through WordPress including working with the Marketing Trustee for structure changes as well as ongoing updates.
  • Regular newsletter to Members and other stakeholders on and offline versions? Not sure if this is covered below?
  • Consideration as to driving offline awareness through relevant channels to include newspapers, leaflets and local media.

Driving Support:

  • Consider the core 3 audiences identified and create ongoing communications targeted at each of these audiences with consideration as to the best channels and methods of creating action.
  • Monitor responses to hone the plan and be prepared to test and learn from different approaches.
  • Manage all eCRM including database development and management via email marketing – quarterly.
  • Working with the HR Trustee and Shop Manager to consider a separate plans for volunteer sign up, the Membership Trustee for encouraging more supporters to join the League and the Marketing / Partnership Trustees for increasing donations.
  • Manage asset depository to develop and maintain a library of assets and content.

Partnership liaison:

  • Work with the Partnerships Trustee to develop and implement a plan to target and grow our partnerships focusing on corporate and local organisations.
  • Look to the community and other charities and learn from best in practice industry approaches for direction and examples.
  • Work with the Partnerships Trustee to Implement the plan for how we can become the charity of choice for local organisations.

Event attendance

  • When relevant, manage and attend charity related events to capture content, enhance partnerships and work towards the overall roles objectives.
  • Develop ideas and work with the Trustees for creation of events in line with the charity strategy and objectives.


  • Monthly written summary report for the Marketing Trustee to present at the Trustee Meeting


Whilst the overall ambition is to grow the reach and awareness of the work of the League the focus for this role will be on driving existing supporters and talking to new supporters to create supporters, volunteers and donations.. The percentages provided are a guide and should be assessed on an ongoing basis based on the most effective use of time to convert quality leads to profitable ongoing clients.

  • Brand Awareness     50%     5 days per month        Focus of role
  • Partnerships             20%     2 days per month        Working with Partnership Trustee
  • Events                      20%      2 days per month        Working with all Trustees
  • Administration          10%      1 days per month        Ongoing


  • Brand Awareness Reach achieved (attendees, readership, paid reach, growth of network, IG, Twitter and Search…)
  • Support Generation Volume and quality of support generated


  • Organisation- be super organised with all communications, paperwork and processes keeping team members informed and engaged throughout the processes.
  • Collaboration – create effective working relationships, processes and ways of working with all team members ensuring we bring our best to every engagement.
  • Professionalism – ensure absolute professionalism in every engagement whether internally or externally from written to verbal communications.
  • Credibility – ensure the League of Friends is promoted and seen as a credible partner for the best and biggest local companies building absolute trust in the League.


  • Annual salary £24k (pro rata)
  • 2.5 days per week which can be worked flexibly
  • Work from home with visits to The League of Friends office at Teddington Memorial Hospital or attendance at events as required

To apply or for more information please email marketing@friends-tmh.co.uk





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