10km fundraising swim to support Teddington Memorial Hospital

Anne-Marie Renshaw will undertake an amazing 10km fundraising swim, without a wetsuit, at Shepperton Lake for The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital in memory of her Mum, Anne Rae on 10th September 2022. Please support Anne-Marie with a generous donation.

Help to keep providing great care

Anne-Marie is fundraising for The Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital so that the hospital can continue to provide the services our community needs. Her Mum was in the hospital for the last few weeks of her life, and the NHS teams working there were wonderful. Anne-Marie would like to be able to thank them with vital funds to enable them to keep providing such great care.

Amazing 10km swim

Anne-Marie will be swimming 10km in Shepperton Lake without a wetsuit (which will be her first ever non-wetsuit marathon swim) with her lovely friend Marit to raise money for this amazing hospital who were so wonderful in looking after her Mum in the last few weeks of her life.

Her Mum loved to swim, so what better way to remember her! Anne-Marie will also be wearing one of her Mum’s flowery swim caps for the last few hundred metres!

The lake is 750m (ish) around, so she will be swimming approximately 13 laps (with a bit extra at the end) to complete the challenge – getting out regularly for jam sandwiches and non-lake water!

Please donate

And feel free to come and support Anne-Marie – with a coffee and bacon bap – it’s a wonderful place to spend time! The Friends will be supporting her fantastic 10km fundraising swim every swim stroke of the way!

To donate, please visit Anne-Marie’s JustGiving page.

Thank you!

Why fundraise for The Friends?

Over the last 20 years, the Friends has mounted successful fundraising appeals and raised over £8m through the generosity of the Teddington community. This has enabled us to deliver many improvements that would not have been possible otherwise.

The NHS provides an appropriate baseline level of funding for the hospital. However, supporting The Friends offers the opportunity for local people, organisations, and businesses to contribute to valuable additions.

The most recent example is the opening a second paediatric audiology screening room. This will help 800 more local children a year to get the care they need quickly.

To find out more, Get involved to join, donate or volunteer.

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