The League is Funding a One Year Trial of “Patient Monitoring/Prevention Devices”.

The League is now funding a one year trial of 42 monitoring/prevention devices, at a cost of £50,000 plus additional maintenance fees. These devices are for patients in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, who are returning back home from a stay in our hospital or after medical treatment.

This equipment consists of a watch type device, movement sensors, scales and a medication prompt and hand tool. They provide monitoring and preventative care for mobility and maintenance of well-being, measure the amount of steps walked, the frequency of activity and also alerting of falls (if a patient is about to have one or had one), as well as sleep patterns and heart rate. There are also environmental sensors which are placed in doorways to enable the monitoring of those who have difficulty processing information or do not have carers. These sensors will also pick up activity, as well as home temperature and humidity. The package also includes weighing scales, and patients will be weighed once a week, and body mass and hydration monitored. Also provided are a “hand grip” measure and a medication prompt.

These patient devices are monitored from a central hub, who then forward any alerts to Richmond Response and Monitoring Team at Teddington Memorial Hospital for action to be taken if needed. Each patient will have the devices for approximately 3 months, then a forward care plan will be devised.

These monitoring devices are already being used by patients and making a vast difference to their care. Enabling a patient to have security and peace of mind in knowing that they are being regularly monitored and action taken as and when needed.

This project being funded by The League is working in harmony with the local authority to ensure services provided are not repeated or doubled up.

If you would like further details about these devices and how they work, please contact: or call 020 8714 4074.